Hangman's Wood - Gallows

After returning from the crusades, you found yourself arrested at the port. A short show trial resulted in your being blindfolded, and led into the forest. To your surprise, the executioner - Jack Ketch - removes your hood and informs you that someone paid the ransom. You are free - but alone in a land usurped by the Baron and his evil children. Maybe Mr. Ketch can shine some light on the situation?

Level Index:0
Next Level Index:1
UE4 Map File:HangmansWood

It's raining here.

Zone Types


Frequency: 1

Props: Gazebo, Fountain, Bricks, Tent,

NPCs: Merriman, Merrigal,


Frequency: 3

Props: Root Cluster, Stump, Tree Stump, Leaf Pile, Rock, Tombstone,

NPCs: Skeleton, Skeletal, Skeletal Child,


Frequency: 2

Props: Gazebo, Fountain, Bricks, Root Cluster, Stump, Tree Stump, Leaf Pile, Rock, Bear Trap,

NPCs: Fox, Wolf, Crow, Doe, Stag,


Frequency: 1

Props: Gazebo, Statue, Fountain, Angel Statue, Bricks, Tombstone,

NPCs: Merriman, Merrigal,