Blackheath Curtain Wall

Oh no! The dwarves' curtain wall has been breached, and enemy forces are streaming into the courtyard. A few brave defenders are trying to hold the breach, but if the wall has fallen - the end may be near. Maybe quick action can save your allies! The guns have now fallen silent.

Level Index:17
Next Level Index:18
UE4 Map File:HangmansWood

Zone Types


Frequency: 5

Props: Rock, LavaForge, LavaFurnace, SpinBurner,

NPCs: Fire Golem, Siege Golem, Demon Squire, Imp,


Frequency: 1

Props: Crate, Trash,

NPCs: Dwarven Defender,


Frequency: 1

Props: Campfire, Cart, Sack, Explosive Barrel, Crate, Trash, Banner,

NPCs: Cave Troll, Ogre Warrior, Imp,